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A League of Legends clan formed by Ace and Geostigmaa
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Hey guys! If you are signing up on this website because a minecraft server, I am sorry to say that you are on the wrong website! Sorry to disappoint.


 Greetings from [TLL]!

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Greetings from [TLL]! Empty
PostSubject: Greetings from [TLL]!   Greetings from [TLL]! Empty12.12.12 4:51

Greetings and hello from [TLL] and myself!

It's been quite a while. Most of you don't know me and some of you may do (perhaps?). I am an ex member of this wonderful clan!

I am here to introduce our new clan called The Last Line. It is a gaming clan focused on the game called Battlefield 3.
We are currently in the process of building our forums, which should be halfway done (still editing phpbb3 files). We also own a 25 slots Teamspeak 3 server that you are welcome to use and a 32 slot BF3 Conquest server which you are welcome to play on!

[TLL] was created on 3rd of December by myself and a good friend of mine, TheWelshMafia, which Ace and Geostigmaa should remember but if not, thats okay!

I have a few following requests:

If possible, I'd like to get a [TLL] prefix on my name.

If no NAP is required, I'd like to know if it is possible to use our logo as a group avatar.


(If any info is needed, I will provide them in PM as it probably goes against your conduct to advertise clans.)
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Greetings from [TLL]! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Greetings from [TLL]!   Greetings from [TLL]! Empty18.12.12 4:58

Well slayer, (Ace here btw)

nice to see your post here. NAP isnt required we're really not into that kind of stuff of "wars" etc.

as to you're request about logo as group avatar, i have no idea how to do that. But feel free to Razz

I'll add the TLL infront of your name asap.

see you around.

Also note: we totally own the EUW LoL server, its a multi million slot so feel free to connect Razz
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Greetings from [TLL]!
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