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A League of Legends clan formed by Ace and Geostigmaa
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Hey guys! If you are signing up on this website because a minecraft server, I am sorry to say that you are on the wrong website! Sorry to disappoint.

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 Capt 0bv application --- Denied

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PostSubject: Capt 0bv application --- Denied   10.04.13 23:39

Full name: Davy De Groote

Gender (optional): Male

Age: 18

Country: Belgium, Dutch part

Your role in game: Top, Jungle, Mid

About you: Googled your website due to a thread on the official LoL forums. Could aswell apply here.
I speak and understand English. Playing League for over a year now, not been able to get out of Silver. Highest division was Silver III.
Trying to make my Champion pool less big so I can concentrate on a few champions to carry ranked games (Which I haven't done in the past, making me unable to rise alot).

Can accept critique, as long as you accept mine also, if that happens I won't rage.
(I only rage in soloQ, yet I'm trying to stop it because I got a warning & 5 game mute :c ; Would suck if I lose my account with all my champ/skins just for being in a bad mood so.)
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PostSubject: Re: Capt 0bv application --- Denied   10.04.13 23:44

Hey there!

I saw your post on the forums and did add you.
I'll give you more information in-game, about if you want to join the community, or maybe a third team if there is enough interest in it.

I'll hear from you then!

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PostSubject: Re: Capt 0bv application --- Denied   11.04.13 0:21

Checking LoL soon and accepting your request so talk to you there Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Capt 0bv application --- Denied   15.04.13 18:29

LOL. Any reason I got denied ? I haven't heard anything from you guys since my trial which has been quite a success.

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PostSubject: Re: Capt 0bv application --- Denied   

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Capt 0bv application --- Denied
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