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Hey guys! If you are signing up on this website because a minecraft server, I am sorry to say that you are on the wrong website! Sorry to disappoint.

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 Tournament Rules

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Število prispevkov : 772
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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   02.05.13 23:10

Hey everybody,

Here listed are the rules of our Hazard Gaming Tournaments, the goal of these rules is to make sure every participant enjoys a fair tournament.

1. You cannot be more than 10 minutes late to a tournament, if you are late then you automatically lose.

2. No racist / nationalist comments at all.

3. If you do need to pause your game, then you should announce it in the all chat before doing so!

4. You may not pause the game for more than 7 minutes!

5. No Roster greater than 7 people, 5 are playing, 2 are subs.

"The most of the time i got i play computer and when i dont have time i play computer." - Uriin
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Število prispevkov : 34
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Rules   09.05.13 9:50

Just a suggestion, edit rule 3 - If you do need to pause your game, if possible announce it before doing so, or give a good reason for pause right after pausing.

just a suggestion Smile
AAAANDDD when is the tourney?
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Tournament Rules
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