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A League of Legends clan formed by Ace and Geostigmaa
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Hey guys! If you are signing up on this website because a minecraft server, I am sorry to say that you are on the wrong website! Sorry to disappoint.


 V1P3RBC's application --- Denied

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Število prispevkov : 1
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V1P3RBC's application --- Denied Empty
PostSubject: V1P3RBC's application --- Denied   V1P3RBC's application --- Denied Empty29.04.12 23:55

Age: 15

Country: UK

Reason for joining: I prefer playing League of Legends with friends as I usually play with them and because they are now unable to play I'm looking for a group to play with

About you: Main language is English, Level 25 on League of Legends currently, I don't have a best role but I'm not good mid lane, practising jungling

Your recruiter: saw a link on the League of Legends forum
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Število prispevkov : 874
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V1P3RBC's application --- Denied Empty
PostSubject: Re: V1P3RBC's application --- Denied   V1P3RBC's application --- Denied Empty30.04.12 1:21

Sorry V1P3RBC,

We only accept level 30's in our clan.
You are welcome to come back when you reach that level.

V1P3RBC's application --- Denied Crysis2sig
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V1P3RBC's application --- Denied
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